Now here is all my Magical Pokémon Journey manga created by Yumi Tsukirino. Magical Pokémon Journey is one of my favourites :) I have volume two from the VIZ Media translation, as well as a monthly single issue that has like the first two chapters from volume two anyway XD (but it has a cool fold-out poster!!) and then I collected the rest of the volumes from the Singapore English version published by Chuang Yi. VIZ Media only did to volume seven anyway so it kinda makes sense to have all the Chuang Yi volumes anyway. (except that I have VIZ Media volume two XP)

I also have some Magical Pokémon Journey playing cards that are super cool but I will post a photo later with some other manga-based merchandise. I also have the sequel, Pocket Monsters Chamo-Chamo Pretty, by the same creator and set in Hoenn region.

Hi! i am Zesty Cactus. you may know me as head of Manga down at Bulbapedia. this is where i will be blogging about my personal collection of Pokémon manga and related goods. hope you like it!

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