Taking a breather from manga volumes, here is something unusual in my collection - manga merchandise! Unfortunately there isn’t much Pokémon manga merchandise other than the books themselves - that’s the way it is. However i got 2 different kinds of playing cards that relate to manga :D (i have a weakness for collecting playing cards anyway so it’s extra deadly)

The first picture is fake ass bootleg cards! I was shopping with jackandjordan and she encouraged me to buy these fake ass bootleg cards. Most of them are just weird-looking anime artwork but two of these cards are pretty neat - the one on the far right is an illustration from the Suzukisan album Can You Draw All the Pokémon? and the middle one, of course, is our hero Red from Pokémon Adventures. kinda weird looking but clearly it’s Red from Adventures and not Ash Ketchum or Red from the games.

The second picture is legitimate merchandise and not fake ass bootleg anything - they are Magical Pokémon Journey cards which were given away as a prize in Ciao magazine (which is where MPJ used to be serialized). As I mentioned previously, Magical Pokémon Journey is one of my favourites so I’m super happy to have something like this in my collection :)

Please write to me if you have interesting manga-related Pokémon merchandise! I love knowing what’s out there :D or you could start adding it to Bulbapedia! hehehehe 

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Hi! i am Zesty Cactus. you may know me as head of Manga down at Bulbapedia. this is where i will be blogging about my personal collection of Pokémon manga and related goods. hope you like it!

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