Just because I want to update with something, here are my Ani-Manga, also known as “film comics” “animation comics”, whatever. You know, those books made from screenshots of anime movies or tv episodes. I hardly read the movie manga adaptations as it is so most of these I’ve only read once, if at all, but most of them I started collecting just because I’m hell-bent on having ~EVERY~ Pokémon manga ever licensed in English. Including these. The Japanese ones are just kinda for fun. :3

Ok so in order:

* These are my Japanese volumes of Pocket Monsters Film Comic. I have 10, 12, and GS 25 (which is like #52 overall). The tenth volume is kinda neat because it covers EP036-EP040. But obviously it skips EP038, Electric Soldier Porygon. HOWEVER the chapter numbering actually acknowledges that an episode is skipped, it literally skips from chapter 37 to chapter 39. With no mention of 38 or why it was skipped.
* These are the graphic novels licensed by VIZ Media. I was so excited to find the Mewtwo Stikes Back one at a comic book store far away just past my city’s boundaries. (I’m still missing the Pokémon the Movie 2000 one though). All That Pikachu was the first of these I bought, since I had run out of Pokémon manga to buy and I was determined to buy anything that got licensed. The Giratina one I had to search EVERYWHERE for since I guess Ani-Manga isn’t popular but omg.
* This one is Pokémon TV Animation Comic, which is published by VIZ Media as well. It is a bound volume of the “Pokémon Power” comics that were in Nintendo Power magazine, which in turn are adapted from Pocket Monsters Film Comic. This one has the first six episodes’ chapters (I’m not sure if any other volumes were ever made)
* This is the first of the monthly single issues of the Mewtwo Strikes Back Ani-Manga. I bought it at the thrift store for $1 before I had the graphic novel. Not much else exciting about it tho XD
* And last we have “The Art of Pokémon the Movie 2000” which is really more of a storybook adaptation of the movie with lots of stills. It has like narrative paragraphs explaining what is going on in the movie. There is some bonus stuff at the end, character bios and such. Not a big deal though, I was hoping for more of like concept art and that kind of stuff when I bought it.

Anyway, I’ll try to update more often! Sorry for the inactivity!

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